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Aerborn remains one of the very few truly British manufacturers.

Our long and established reputation is based on providing horse owners with quality products manufactured to the very highest standards.

Working closely with sucessful competition riders' and established yards throughout the UK, Aerborn has produced an innovative range using modern and effective materials that perform at every level - rigourously tested and proven by the very best of British riders.

The AerbornTM Guarantee of Quality.

As AerbornTM is very proud of the quality of their fabrics and workmanship, all AerbornTM products should reach you in excellent condition.

AerbornTM will exchange any faulty products without hesitation (via your retailer on provision of a receipt).

AerbornTM reserves the right to refuse to exchange the product if it has been subjected to fair wear and tear or has been damaged as a result of an accident.

Accidents do happen, and equipment wears, so repairs are sometimes necessary. Many local saddlers offer a rug repair service. Please ensure that equipment for repair is clean before you take it in to be mended.

Saddlers have the right to refuse to repair dirty items, as legally staff are not allowed to handle soiled equipment. (Health & Safety at Work Act).